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Monday, 5 August 2013

Sports Education Model - Ultimate Frisbee

Sports Education Model - Ultimate Frisbee

Dear all, Please remember to send me the Group members in the team (Chairman!)

 Remember that the first name is the Captain of the team and the coach for the first session in Week 7.

The rest of the names in line are the coaches for the next sessions. I have also attached the coaching sheet for your completion. You may do it in soft or hard copy.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Softball Modified Rules

Softball Modified Rules

§  Any ball going outside the 1st or 3rd base line is a foul ball ( runners can not advance and batter gets another try unless the ball was caught in the air, which translates to an out)
§  An official game is 7 innings (a inning is when both teams have had their turn to bat)

§  Pitcher must have both feet on the pitcher’s rubber and can only take one step forward while pitching
§  Ball must be thrown underhand

§ Batters must follow the same order throughout the whole game The batter is out if and when:
o   three strikes have been called
o   a fly ball is caught
§ Runners must touch each base in order
§ One base runner can not pass another base runner that is ahead of them.
§ Stealing a base is not permitted A runner is out if:
o   they are tagged with the ball before reaching a base
o   the ball gets to 1st base before the runner
o   they run more than 3 feet out of the base line to avoid being tagged

§ Ball- a legally pitched ball that does not enter the strike zone (four balls equals a walk) Grounder
§  Fly ball- ball hit up in the air to the infield
§  On deck- the next batter
§  Pop up- ball hit up in the air to the infield
§  Strike- term used when a ball is swung at and missed or is called when the ball enters the strike zone and is not swung at all
§  Strike zone- the ball passes the batter over the plate between their chest and knees

Hello 3-08!

I have attached the Coaching template as well as the Intra-class games schedule.

SW reps - please ensure that the Intra-class games schedule is completed with all the details.

Teams - Please assign your Team Manager and Coach of the session.

Coach of the session - please complete the drills portion of the coaching template.

Thank you!

Ms Choo